About us

Who are Vee?

Hi friends, my name is Viral - I am the founder of VeeKay and this is my story.

I was born and raised in the diamond capital of the world - Antwerp, Belgium. Surrounded by friends and family working in the gem and jewellery trade, this industry is ingrained in my DNA.

After earning my Graduate Gemologist Diploma from the Gemological Institute of America, I joined the family business and aspired to find a niche within the industry. I figured I could explore my creative mind by venturing into jewellery. So I travelled and participated in international trade shows across the globe, meeting many people in the same industry with different backgrounds. 

This journey introduced me to jewellers and designers from all around the world. I learnt their stories, struggles and ambitions.

To make a long story short - these experiences made me realise that in this crowded, capital-intensive industry, it is hard for established designers to provide something unique and memorable. 

This realisation made me wonder - if it is so difficult for people with established networks in the industry to stand out, how difficult must it be for outsiders looking to venture in? Is there a way to reduce these high barriers to entry? The search for the answer to this question was what led to the founding of VeeKay Collections.


What do Vee do?

Our mission is to curate a collection of jewellery that is By the People, For the People.

In order to break down the high barriers of entry into the jewellery industry, we run a bi-annual Jewellery Design Competition, where aspiring jewellery designers are provided an equal platform to gain international exposure in the gem and jewellery world.

Whether you are looking to experiment with jewellery design or trying to find that new unique design, Veekay Collections is the place for you!

We also pledge up to 15% of our net sales to our social fund, which is associated with various causes to support the sustainability of our society.


Why do Vee do it?

We want to leave a net positive social impact on our global community. We aim to revolutionise the jewellery industry by providing aspiring jewellery designers and enthusiasts with a level-playing platform on which they can promote their own designs and express their creativity and individuality with the world.